This is just my view of it, but there’s no such thing as a [buddh]ist.  There are only [buddhas] having a lot of titillating fun and terror rediscovering who they are.  Sometimes they try on cool labels or costumes.


2 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Kent,

    As one of the more accomplished writers among the Bloggers I follow, I value your input on the short-short story “Morning Flight” that I posted in response to WordPress’s 7/21/17 Daily Post prompt “Gate”.

    I know you’re busy and your time is precious, but please take a few minutes to peruse my brief post and offer feedback. It’s the first piece of completed fiction I’ve managed to produce in over 20 years. You can find it at:

    Thank you very much. Take care, be well, and happy writing,



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