I, like the rest of you, was born into this world as a small bundle of potentiality.  Like the rest of you, I have dabbled in hedonism, sadism and masochism in varying degrees, trying to find the right mix that will bring me the most pleasure.  Eventually I realized it wasn’t about pleasure at all—it’s about fulfillment.  And from what I’ve seen, fulfillment requires me to be capable of bouncing between all spectrums of behavior and viewpoints, so that at any moment I can iterate myself into whatever configuration is required so that I may channel the greater benevolence that seems to seed itself through all anecdotes, all philosophies, all religions…and even seems to be  the result of logical exploration—for if I cannot love deeply and learn to navigate life so that I experience as much fulfillment as possible, then what sense does my short, limited existence make?


5 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Our short lives mean nothing after they are over. All that matters is to pack each moment with that fulfilment. To live life to the max is all that makes sense – that means discovery and creativity, joy and satiation in relationship and nature. Little more.

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