I realize we’re all racing to the grave, and that it’s important to stop and smell the flowers.  That being said, life sometimes grabs your hand and throws you into the most terrifying/exhilarating/awful/awesome dance imaginable, and it is EQUALLY important to be able to let go of identity in that instance, and glory in the rush of energy that lets you be whatever you need to be at that exact moment.  

(As a writer, I try to do the second while I’m drafting, the first while I’m editing.)


6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I am more apt to follow that first sentence. At least where I am now in my life. There is so much change and chaos around me, I need to slow down and feel the pulse of sap in the stem of dandelions or the heartbeat inside the flight of birds.
    That rush of energy is so stressful, when it is over and I look back, it amazes me how fast it swept me up. After the tidal wave is a calm of destruction and tidying up. Even then, there are moments of peace to savor. I need those little bits desperately.

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