I understand that most people like to think of themselves as special, and cherrypick anecdotes/theories to support this belief (I am definitely guilty of this), but as I grow older, I’ve found that I prefer to focus on MAKING myself special; I like to take action on a daily basis that builds a mountain of evidence to validate any claim that I’m extraordinary.  In the process, I’ve found that the need to cling to the “belief that I’m special” naturally falls away; let others take up that debate.  

Me?  I’ve got work to do.


21 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Easily one of the best musings I’ve read from you so far. That’s an awesome way to think; we should be working to make ourselves special instead of simply believing that we are and everyone else is beneath us in some way.

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  2. I think part of people’s mindsets to the whole, “Special” thought process is from when we are young. It seems to me a lot of people preach the whole, “Every kid is special. Every kid is a winner.” Which is fine to a point. Supporting children to learn, grow and achieve is quintessential but they’re not taught failure or bother beliefs are okay. So, when they turn into adults they stay in the same mindset. Sorry for the mini rant- hopefully I don’t come off as a complete ass. I definitely agree with your thought process of action not just words. Thank for the musing, it got my thought process going. 😀

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    • No I totally agree with you! I’d have to say that “special” is a moot point, and does not translate to entitlement, which most people seem to think it does. I think that while there is definite unfairness in the system, there’s still opportunity, and that we should use that opportunity to try and be whatever we want to be (whether that includes “special” or not, I could care less) and then if we are so inclined, perhaps make the system a bit fairer and definitely help those that need a hand! I’m with you! Not in the political sense, but I try to be “republican with myself and a democrat with others,” meaning I try to be hard and demanding of myself while trying to give others the benefit of doubt as much as is practically possible. Yeah I’ll probably get taken advantage of here and there, but I like to live a life where I try and err on the side of compassion. However, in a safe environment, I believe that life should be illustrated realistically, meaning that people should understand how to navigate competition and lack of resources. Clinging to an idea of “special” can blind us to those realities.

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  3. I try to only listen to anecdotes or advice from people whose lives I want to have. I do a little research. Is this someone whose footsteps I wish to walk in? This started as a rule on listening to dating advice, and bleed over to career advice.

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  4. I get so frustrated with that ‘everyone is special’. Yes, we are, but if everyone is so special, then no one is. Make yourself the best you there is and you will be special! (hmmm, I need to listen to this advice!lol)

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    • Hahaha! I’d think you’re weird if you DIDN’T question a comment like that. I like that: unique rather than special. Also, people seem to think those two equate to entitled. I suspect that nothing equates to entitled; even the deserving earn it every day if they’re truly serious about deserving success (my opinion anyway)


      • Right. I’m all about effectiveness and being able to navigate life the way I’d like. Special, cliche, whatever…I just see them as labels that are easy to get hung up on.


      • Right. Either something works or it doesn’t, and that varies in degrees and circumstances. Too much corporate power and you have diamond mines running roughshod over governments like in some African hotspots, or banking collapse in iceland. Too much government power and you’ve got N. Korea. I don’t think these things are issues of ideals that are labeled “free market” or “fair income distribution,” they are symptoms of an inability to assess with honesty and adapt accordingly. What works in some circumstances doesn’t work in others, but that’s a hard pill to swallow. People would like a set rule book with a checklist of rules with which to keep score. I try to keep score through results.

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