“Force yourself to dive into the basics day after day, until you’re good enough to riff and produce greatness under a wide variety of circumstances.”

—Paraphrase of Bruce Lee, Musashi, Stephen King, and every other person that understood tradition well enough to buck it.


9 thoughts on “Musings

  1. The Basics: the long stretches of tedium between Moments of Greatness. Much like life itself.

    (And BTW, my mom amassed a huge collection of Stephen King novels over the years that almost fills up my parents’ entire bookshelf. I’ve never really read them, but her fanship of him will be a part of my mother that I will continue to hold onto even after she leaves this planet.)

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  2. Louis Sachar did this. He wrote ordinary books that were good. Then, he bucked every speck of tradition and wrote ‘Holes’ and it was a ground breaking (ooooh, PUN!) novel which was first thought to be a rotten egg. Now, others are following in his steps.

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