Ironically, being able to drop “quality novelty” on a dime requires the artist to carve out regular blocks of time in pursuit of their craft.  It requires the artist to discipline themselves to tap the force of creation (or at least think about it) day after day…after day after day after day ad infinitum, contemplating how to best express timeless themes within a novelty-infused, mind-catching construct.


19 thoughts on “Musings

  1. To produce something novel requires an alert brain oozing with creativity, honed to captured and enhance that aptitude to delve and reconstruct. But it is incredibly rewarding.

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  2. Your novelties are fun to read. It is a job, so yeah..dress for work and get writing! If you wear sloppy clothes, you might write sloppy. If you wear comfy things, you will be in a better zone. Silly, but true. At the moment, I’m in sweat pants (which I hate wearing) and a t and nothing under it. I am lazy and don’t care and practically apathetic. I will not write today or do anything more strenuous than a good read. It is better that way.

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      • A T and shorts are actually my go-to attire, but for some reason using a space heater in my studio is hell on the electric bill. Weird, cos in my last place which was much bigger, using the heater barely made a dent

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      • Ouch–Space heaters are supposed to be nasty on electric bills. My mum has an all electric house and her bill is budgeted and runs in the 5 or 6 hundreds. Stupid.
        I’d suggest polar fleece, but I cannot see the Man Child in polar fleece or flannel jammie bottoms! Unless you are shearing Alaskan sheep (I didn’t create that pun) with the help of your faithful dog/rex/creature. Bite..oh no! I forgot his name!!! BAD fangirl.

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      • Bitefighter dammit! LOL! Not a problem, I plan on getting a real life little terrier and posing with him if/when I get the bucks. As far as my upper body, I usually wear a comfy batman hoodie. Sweat pants for my legs. 🙂

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      • Thank you. I humbly am writing this down. For reals. Old fangirl has little brain farts every so often. You will also need more room for a terrier. Now, stuffed ones are handy and easy to feed and walk and pose. He could even transmorgify from his terrier mode into a teddy bear for proprieties sake. And a bear with a gun would be great fun! (bears are also much more common than stuffed dogs)

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  3. I think it first requires the implementation of what I call write reading habits. Yet another thing I’ve noticed a blog becomes good for, especially for a writer who must stay in the habit of reading every day and especially writing every day, or at the very least, playing around with words. A writer like myself who MUST write, so it has to be a habit for me, to read and write every day to hone and exercise that “muscle” of talent, the word-shaping skill that some envy but won’t admit, and others bemoan but yet won’t relinquish.

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  4. Forcing myself to write is my biggest hurdle. And sure, there are days when I get little of qualify done, but there are also days when I sit down and churn out 5k words when I didn’t “feel” like writing, but once I got started, it flowed! And it wouldn’t have happened had I not made myself write when I didn’t feel like it. You just keep up the good work!

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