Writing for others means being able to instantiate themes/philosophies through multiple perspectives and characters…in my opinion, this is more than a practical necessity; it’s the core requirement of every artist and mystic who wants to transcend the dualities of good and evil.  It is the core activity which fosters compassion, for in executing it, you hammer home the fact that you may have turned out to be that which you hate or love…

If not for fate, which could easily have made you into them or them into you.


11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I think that having the ability to look at where other people are coming from is always a good thing. Also, I’ve reread this post almost ten times. I do not know if it is because I like what you are saying, or if I like how you wrote it. But this post makes me quite happy! (=

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  2. This reminds me of all the expository writing I used to have to do for others. I find it so much easier to write fiction than to write reports and analyses of philosophies and abstract concepts. *shudder*

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      • Mathematics and educational writing (in a broad sense.) The mathematics part was great; however, education is like a religion – the gods must be appeased or they rise up in anger.

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      • Interesting! I have a friend who’s a phd in theoretical mathematics; he was saying there are seven key assumptions in mathematics that allows it to operate, one of the most important ones being acceptance of zero and one. This is why I enjoy physics and astronomy; it seems like being willing to question key assumptions is essential in order to keep accounting for the strangeness found at the micro and macro levels of existence.

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  3. I guess if you’re writing for others out of a true desire to write FOR them versus in a self-serving manner such as wanting an audience and/or getting paid, it could be a good thing like you’ve said, Buddha. I would recommend, however, paying a little extra attention to just that, so as not to step onto the self-serving side of that line. It’s always about integrity… for me, anyway. 😉

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    • I honestly don’t think either is bad, as long as you follow through all the way. If you write for others with all your heart, then you will inevitably tap universal themes to tap as broad an audience as possible, as deeply as possible. If you write for yourself as best you can, the introspection should go as deep as possible, and those same universal themes will come out. To me, the key is just giving it everything you can, no matter what the approach.

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  4. This is a beautifully-put idea and I see what you’re getting at, but after reading it I leaned back in my chair and suddenly became overwhelmed with the thought of trying to insatiate every philosophy! How exhausting it must be to write with the whole universe clamoring in your mind. I’m a simple soul – and I have enough trouble with just my own philosophy rolling around in my head.

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