I believe that the imagination of a writer must be trained as thoroughly as the body of an athlete, and so I create and draft on a regular basis.  Because while the reader doesn’t expect me to have “been there done that” regarding the events in my books, they must be left with a visceral enjoyment of what I have written.

And that visceral enjoyment is a function of how well I’ve trained my imagination.


22 thoughts on “Musings

    • Thank You Moonlit! That happens to me too but I am annoyed/grateful when I get blog posts during meditation, because they distract me from the meditation, but still: that’s where some of my best ones come from, so I guess I’m blessed either way! LOL


  1. As before. Every grocery store, doctor’s office, restaurant, construction site, retail anything…go to the mall. Don’t be weird, but keep your shades on, headphones in your ears and watch while looking disinterested. There they. Armies of the unnatural. Waitresses in underground bars. Wild beast trainers. Nurses. Neurological scanners. Crypt salesmen. Midget fairies and pigeon-toed ballerinas. Women Kings and Men Queens and what is that the girl in the striped hat has on her tray!

    You’re right. Take them all home, put them on the escalator to the food court and know that you are safe behind the trash cans capable of accepting radioactive waste. See who comes to the wedding of Dog girl and the one-eyed man.

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  2. You mean you have never climbed a wall just using your feet? Way to crush your fangirl! No, I bet the Man-Child could. I can imagine it!
    In semi seriousness, this is true. When I was told to only write what I knew, that didn’t go into the worlds of my mind. I may not have fenced, but I’ve read and researched and can pretty well figure out how to write it! So, it can be put into a world of my own creation. You get a post hole digger and work!!!

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