IMHO, the key to reliably producing quality results means combining “speed of perception” with consistent audacity.  The faster you perceive what fits in your story, and the more audacious you are in instantiating it, the higher the pay-off for your audience, and the faster you can cycle on to a better project, which in turn causes your skills to grow with increasing rapidity.  Others will look at you and dismiss you as lucky or talented, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

At this point, I believe you have simply honed your perception and audacity to such a degree that it can convincingly masquerade as luck or talent. 


2 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Or you can use your audacity to scare yourself, push yourself further, to realise your intent and hope your perception is correct. If you are true to yourself then all you have to do is express yourself better. The audience is immaterial. You make it work for yourself.

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  2. I think both points are valid, @Opher and @DIRTY SCI-FI BUDDHA. I think honing your skills to make it look like talent is a good thing. I would say there is a good sense of accomplishment that comes from achieving that level of skill.
    If you write for yourself, then there is no pressure to please others. Feeling the need to please others with your writing craft can lead down a very rough road because you sacrifice your need for self-expression. A goal to publish/get published can be a double-edged blade if your reasons to do that are driven by a desire to please others versus telling your story for yourself. Pushing yourself for yourself is likely the ideal scenario, though, a tough one to live. I struggle daily with that.

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