For me, the premise behind living a disciplined life is so that when order breaks down, or reality turns into an ambiguous soup of opportunity/peril, you have the basics covered well enough so that you can focus on making big, audacious leaps.  Discipline is not an end in and of itself—if that stance is taken, it becomes little more than a prison.  In my mind, when discipline is properly utilized, it becomes a key that unlocks the door to your cell so you can escape into the fresh blue yonder.


7 thoughts on “Musings

  1. “I created a covenant, my own elaborate structure by which I could live my life. And though it has served me well, it has one great flaw. My covenant is so elegant and intricate in design, it acts as a prison for my own free will.” Curious Hart 2013

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  2. He searched around his shabby room, at one time his only bulwark against a fearsome world. Now he understood his barricades all faced the wrong way. They had not kept the demons out, how could they when he trapped them inside? The ghosts had always been in him, never external. He looked down at his silver hands, and a hundred visions of moon gods traced his imagination. He stood up and strode out beyond his open prison door. This time when he stepped off the veranda he turned and smiled. His citadel, his old bastille, its perimeters no longer defined him. Next time he turned it was to the elephants and the jungle, and a destiny he intended to claim. Padma 2017

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