Most will blindly justify structure and tradition, claiming they should be perpetuated because “that’s how things were done in the past,” or “that’s what worked for [some vaunted figurehead.]”.  But IMHO, perpetuation is only justified if it achieves the desired results while upholding an ethical standard.  If either of those parameters are not being met, then scrutiny is required, and after a fair amount of time, I personally require good justification of why that structure or tradition hasn’t been upgraded, or—given sufficient evidence—why it hasn’t been torn down and replaced.


12 thoughts on “Musings

      • Shaking head. I know, it is a musical, but it is filled with philosophy. AND great songs. I want to see the Man Child stomping his feet singing about being a rich man!

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      • Hahaha! I kinda see it as poetry that I like; most poetry seems so flat due to its lack of rhythm and structure (admittedly, it is hard to create a flow and tempo on a written page that has no sonic accompaniment ), but good rap to me seems to use backbeat and rhythm to ensure that the lyrics remain poetically sound.

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      • OK, rap me some Shakespeare. Structure all poetry has…sorry, I took a LOT of lit classes in the day and it was during the dawning years of Star Wars. What do you listen to during Echo creations? FANgirl query!!!

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      • I actually don’t listen to anything. But during my errands and exercise I’ll listen to mostly podcasts from Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell. I enjoy their inquiring minds and seeming ability to balance tradition with subjects that may be a bit risque. While I whiz around on my bike I enjoy listening to girly pop, believe it or not LOL! Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, 80s Madonna…there’s something about a well-trained woman’s voice that most fellas just can’t measure up to when it comes to music!

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