“Addiction to potentiality must never get in the way of doing stuff.  (Translation:  Get past the fun part of throwing around a premise, and put that elbow grease in so that it manifests it into something real).”  

—People who don’t just talk about novelty, but strive to produce it


11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Thanks for this. I was just thinking last night; my plans lack one thing… the first step!
    It is great to have a plan or to understand something intellectually, another thing quite entirely to take action!Thanks for the synchronicity on that message,

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    • Right! Generally, I like to go by the “80%” rule: I believe that opportunity is usually lost if I wait for conditions to be a 100% perfect, so once 80% of the info or conditions are in place, I make a choice or act. (i know 80% is subjective; but basically it boils down to making an educated guess and acting on it before opportunity is lost)

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