Quick update on Echo in paperback

Just a quick update on Echo in paperback:  I’ve received the first feedback from my editor, and he says it’s probably gonna take the rest of June for him to suss through Echo 1 and 2.  Currently, he’s left comments on 98 pages.  What I’m gonna do is work in parallel with him, and really focus on getting the bugs out of Echo 1 (I think there are some in 2 but not nearly as much) and making it as smooth a read as possible.  There’s a lot to be done, and I wince each time I take a look at my early writing.  Once I’ve done a “deep edit,” I’ll send it back to the editor, he’ll give it another quick look, then if there’s anything he deems faulty, he’ll tell me.  After I finish the “deep edit” I’ll post the revised manuscript on Amazon, and if I have to make more edits after the editor takes a look, then I’ll put THAT version up once it’s smoothed over.  Right now I’ve lowered my daily word count for Echo 4 to 1500 words per day so I can carve out time to edit volume 1.  Apologies for those of you who suffered through my noob mistakes in Echo 1; hopefully this will clear out most, if not all, of ’em!


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