Big thank you to the Amaze-o person who just donated to my crazy brain!

LO!  I see that a certain Awesome Person just donated 10 smackos to my crazy brain through my blog!  I’m not sure if he/she would like to stay anonymous, so I’ll just omit their name for now.  But know that unlike the U.S. government, I’ll readily admit what I will do with this boon:  $5 goes toward the next panhandler I see, $3 towards the Valhalla-on-earth known as Wendy’s, so that your favorite Man Child may purchase two of their ambrosial junior cheeseburger deluxes, and the rest toward Skynet!  Mwahaha I’ve tricked you into financing the downfall of humanity!  (Just kidding; I would never stand with the filthy machines; their kind belongs firmly under our jackbooted flesh-and-blood heels!)  But forget all that!  Thank You So Much for the kindhearted gesture!  🙂 🙂 🙂


5 thoughts on “Big thank you to the Amaze-o person who just donated to my crazy brain!

  1. Ok, I must be honest. I realize I like most of your posts. I just can’t get with the mask. I feel a teeny sense of unease about your use of a mask. Maybe it is about anonymity for you. IDK, the recognition of the unease I feel just occurred today. Maybe it’s by design. Because you are a “masked super-hero”. I think I like half-masks, like Zorro or The Lone Ranger, or the Phantom of the Opera. Maybe I’m just weird. I’ll keep coming back.

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    • Hahaha! Thank You Elva! I put on a goofy star wars cap for the 2nd photo shoot—I agree; the mask makes me look like ISIS. I actually was hunting around for a more festively colored one so I wouldn’t look so threatening LOL

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