“Tradition and structure are all-important, and must be preserved at all costs.”  

—Perpetuators who hamper their own evolution by blindly supporting established belief systems.

“Tradition and structure are a means to an end.  Change them as needed (while maintaining your ethics) in order to achieve results and hit your targets.”  

—Paraphrase of Musashi, polymaths, and autodidacts.


12 thoughts on “Musings

  1. All religion is based on a primitive attempt to understand the universe. In light of present scientific understanding it is pathetic and should be abandoned ASAP.
    We are living in an age of stupidity and blind faith. The sooner we ditch it the better.

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    • I’m an atheist myself (not a militant one in the slightest; I’m a very tolerant, live-and-let-live kind of atheist, and many of my family and friends are believers in some sort of religious system, not all of them Abrahamic), and my best attempt to try and explain the purpose of religion to myself is: religion is man’s philosophical attempt to try and know the unknown (space, time, the universe, HOW we got here, WHY we got here…ya know, the meaning of life).

      In light of present scientific understanding, I find the concept of Invisible Sky Men to be obsolete, but most of society has not caught up with me. I believe more in physics and physiology than I do in theology. Theology is interesting to study, but I’m not particularly interested in practicing it.


    • Kinda sucks that the only alternative (in my mind anyways) is to start your own company; I’m sure it’s cool once you get it rolling, but it seems like up until then it’s mountains of work and frustration


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