“Unless you’re using speech as a practical asset like Mcgregor or Ali, don’t waste your breath spewing fiery words or empty platitudes.  Do the job and talk about it later.”  

—Paraphrased from people who get stuff done.


16 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Good advice. Also,don’t fritter away too much of your time reading blogs devoted to badly written expressions of widely held opinions…to paraphrase a line from a novel i’m reading. (Present company excluded of course!)

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    • LOL, what novel? I guess if I wanted to be snarky/cheeky, I might reply with, “at the risk of throwing out another widely held opinion, it seems that too many folks like to talk and never walk, proving that my other widely held opinion is still relevant. And bad writing is a subjective judgment that seems to draw less consensus if you keep forging ahead, or in other words: Haters gonna hate.” (Present company excluded, of course!) 😉


    • Hahaha! Sorry if my musings don’t meet the standard; these are throwaway snippets that come to me in the shower, at stoplights, or on my bike. But to answer your question, I LOVE cooties! My bed is slathered with ’em LOL!


    • Depends on the timing. I have learned through my own experience that asking a question is a delicate art which, if done with astuteness, demonstrates that the questioner respects the other person’s time, intelligence, and thought processes. It may be heresy, but I have learned that there is indeed such a thing as a dumb question, and similarly, I believe there is such a thing as nonpractical speech. Especially in writing, where word choice and sentence flow should, (in my mind anyway) contribute to your argument or story.


    • I like to say that people love the potentiality and novelty of “premise-land.” Things become much less fun once someone has to realize said potentiality and novelty, because it requires discipline and logistics, which are obviously boring. This forms a big chunk of my philosophies where I advocate mastering basic persistence and awareness related behaviors, so that one can apply them to creativity, finish projects, and present them to the public. I’m actually lazy and freewheeling by nature, it’s just that I also want to write and make stuff, and after all my lazy-man strategizing, I realized that the easiest and laziest way IS to apply all that boring stuff like discipline, attention to detail, etc.

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  2. “When I had to go, he was bringing to a close prestissimo the most amazing monologue that, up to that time, these ears had ever funneled into consciousness.”
    H. L. Mencken on meeting James Huneker

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