“Learn to poke fun at things without being mean.  (Every once in a while—if it’s genuinely funny—it’s okay to be a little mean).”

—Paraphrased from every wise person worth their salt


21 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Humor is a necessity in life. One who has not exercised their sense of humor, at both the good things and the bad, has not truly lived.

    (And fart jokes. Any person who does not find fart jokes funny is taking themselves way too seriously.)

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    • Right! There’s a point where people can just be bullies and that’s definitely not cool (I feel like when you can’t immediately switch to a hug and an i love you then it’s getting too antagonistic) but being uptight waters down life.


  2. I often wonder about this thought. Laurel and Hardy are so funny and so politically incorrect. Many of those old movie stars played on black humor (humor that was sick) and it worked. It still works. Lots of modern movies follow in the steps of The 3 Stooges.

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  3. Butcher the sacred cow(s) and it’s a start. The trouble with an artistic/romantic approach to things requires a very Byronesque eye. The heart (or whatever) is broken, the sun will still come up. Neither God nor the IRS can kill you an eat you in broad daylight for having a sense of humor.

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