From what I’ve seen, the quest to “feel good” will result in all sorts of opportunities for the ego to waylay progress and evolution, under the umbrella excuse of “it feels right,” and often seems to result in self-deception.  

In contrast, the quest to BE good—to become fulfilled and capable—will result in all sorts of hardships and trials, all sorts of transient regrets at being denied those fleeting pleasures we so desperately want to indulge…but each success will be sweeter, and each victory will be filled with meaning.  

And in my opinion, it will be worth it.


3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Our disposable instant society instead of taking time to really be a part of something. I am horrid with denial, growing up between taking time and instant anything has warped me. I know what it is I should do and don’t do it! (great, sounds like a passage from the book of Romans or Corinthians!!!) Good musings.

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