Man Child Monday #9

Your favorite author (and perennial Man Child) Kent Wayne posing with the three food groups essential to all Man Children:  Fibrous protein bar, sweeter tasting protein bar, and HOT STEELY DEATH!  (Just kidding I know you can’t eat bullets it was a stupid joke so DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!!!)  Photo taken by friend and Cool Guy Jumar Balacy.

#IShouldBeWriting #ManChildMondays #AlwaysProcrasturbating #LifeLongReprobate


16 thoughts on “Man Child Monday #9

  1. OK, maybe you don’t need that tank top when we go out! There was a VERY bad fun movie from the 80’s called, ‘The Last Dragon’, where the main character caught a bullet in his teeth. The Man Child is most definitely capable of doing that. Well, if he didn’t have on the hooded mask!

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