Echo: The Weekly Update

Word Count, Vol.4:  Over 200k.  I’ve decided to stop counting until I’m finished (I save each chapter in a separate word file for better organization/modularity so it’s a huge pain for me to open em all up, wait for the word counts to load up, then tally everything).

Thanks to All Who Bought Echo!  And BIG THANKS to Melissa, Barbara, Ian, Lorna, [anonymous], Lisa, Meg, Matt, Bobby, F.T., Alice Smith, Leslie Coop, Richard, Shauna, Sydney, Pam, Jessica, Angela, Kiesa, Ross, Keith, Alice, Daina, Daniel, Yolanda, Trace, Books4me, Vince, Laurie, and Dengel for posting AMAZING reviews on Amazon!!!  Ashley too for the 5 star on Nook!  I’d like to reiterate that leaving a positive review for any author is the equivalent of leaving $100 tip at a restaurant (I know some authors who’d actually pay that much for a good review).  Although I sincerely appreciate any love you leave me on Amazon, please consider leaving a review for ANY author you know, simply as a random act of kindness…because it’ll mean the world to ’em!  (A good place to start are those I’ve listed—a few of them are authors.  Let me know if you want me to put you in touch with ’em and I’ll be more than happy to do so!  And no, you don’t need to have purchased their book to leave a review on Amazon; you simply needed to have used Amazon at one time or another to leave what’s called an “unverified purchase” review.  If you purchased their book at the store or on another eReader, you can still leave a review for them.)

News:  UUUGGGH!  UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!  Have you guys ever been faced with stuff you KNOW you wanna write but you gotta be patient because you gotta write the lead up to it?  That’s exactly where I’m at right now!  I’ve developed a working answer for the third riddle Mara asked Siddhartha (apparently a lot of Buddhist scholars have different interpretations), where he asked Buddha “Why do you deserve to be a Buddha?”  And Buddha doesn’t say anything, only touches the earth and then receives his enlightenment.  Well I’ve got something in mind for a scene in Echo 4 that will hopefully answer that question in a more definitive manner than anyone has to this date.  But right now?  Right now I’m in the middle of a chaotic battle that’s leading up to the final confrontation.  The battle’s cool, but all you writers know—the “hassle” of being a writer is that there’s always something cooler around the corner LOL!  I know:  I really shouldn’t be complaining.

Anyways, things are happening!  The Wraiths!  The Regent!  The answer to the universe and the Buddha riddle!  I’ve gotta be patient with my 3500 words a day drafting, because I don’t wanna be stupid and injure my wrists to the point where I gotta take a week or two off.  (Good Lord I never thought that I’d have to regulate myself so that I didn’t experience “nerd injuries” like carpal tunnel haha!)  To all you amazing folks who helped get the word out for the Echo giveaway/discount…Thank You So Much!!!  I can say with all sincerity that I love you folks!  (Liking you is a different matter; I’m sure we’d be at each others’ throats if we lived together in my small-ass studio haha!  But we’d probably have a blast throwing back a few drinks though!).  So Thank You!!! And if you are a writer:  I wish you inspired drafting and insightful editing!  Back to work!  🙂 🙂 🙂


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