The ironic thing is that most worthwhile journeys seem to point out that we never needed to look outside us; what we were looking for was within us, all around us, the whole time we were looking.

The doubly ironic thing is that most of the time, it seems we need to go on these “pointless” journeys in order to accept this.


19 thoughts on “Musings

    • Yeah it’s an age-old concept right? And it seems to be echoed by people who’ve “made it;” I recall Jim Carrey saying he wishes everyone could be rich and famous so they’d know that it didn’t solve their problems. Plus 70% of lotto winners supposedly blow their earnings within a few years and become more miserable than ever…

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      • Ugh!!!! I am convinced YOU are rich and famous and just dwell with us peasants because we love your writing. Writing you have to do because you were born to it, and it doesn’t sit well with your silver spoon relations.

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      • Hahaha! I am far from rich, although because I live a simple lifestyle, which allows me a fair amount of disposable income, I do consider myself so. I have t shirts that are ten years old that I still wear, I don’t care for fancy cars, and I don’t indulge in fancy food (not to say that I don’t eat out—during cheat day I can f*ck up a pizza lol). I live in a small studio in San Francisco that I really lucked out in in terms of rent, so if I want a massage or to spend some money driving for a few hours up the coast, then it’s an easy thing for me to do. My life is pretty blissful right now in all honesty! 🙂

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      • Old shirts are most comfy. Modern ones are stupid bits of fabric that fall to bits in three washes. And that small studio is a place for your alter ego! I always wanted an apartment where I could let my other self live!

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      • Yeah I noticed that…modern shirts start getting these weird holes near the bottom, which for awhile I thought was from the chains I used doing weighted pullups, then some other dude asked me what he thought they were, cause HE was getting ’em too! I believe you’re right—modern shirts just aren’t as good as how they used to make ’em

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  1. It’s like we have these feet, and many forms of transportation and for some reason we let them drag us around like whatever it is, it’s just around the next corner or across the river or somewhere else. The fountain of youth syndrome. Looking for enlightenment in adventure. Indoors or out. Assisted, induced or the simple Zen of inward, it’s all an adventure. Once you realize that you don’t have to be bitten by a snake or climb a mountain to experience their reality, that’s when the adventure begins.

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    • Yes! All those corny cliches of being in the present moment and appreciating what you have…with me it took a bunch of fruitless hamster-wheel-running-for-The-Next-Big-Thing to finally realize that I should stay in motion and have goals…but only so I can enjoy what’s in front of me and let myself drink in the act of DOING and not necessarily finishing.

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  2. “The man standing in his own kitchen-garden, with fairyland opening at the gate, is the man with large ideas.” G. K. Chesterton ~ Heretics

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  3. It is why many pre-technological cultures require some variation of walkabout to achieve adulthood. This is something we have sadly abandoned.

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