When you leave someone alone and give them the luxury of time and resources, will they seek indulgence or fulfillment?  Enabling someone to choose “fulfillment” in that instance seems to be a principal goal of every philosophy I have thus far come across.  And yet ironically, most people I’ve met twist teachings/philosophies to go the other way—to seek indulgence.  Personally, I say forget the figureheads, forget the rules writ in stone, and use whatever mish-mash of knowledge you need to to live the most fulfilling life possible.  So that when you come to the end of your adventure (or even the end of your day), you’ll be able to look in the mirror…

And smile at what you see.


14 thoughts on “Musings

  1. None the “stuff” goes with you. Your relatives are left to argue with the fruits of your toil. If you’re lucky your stories are left to the world. That’s all we are. Our stories. How we write them is at our command.

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    • I’d say even those disappear. I think if we’re inclined to write them and enjoy the writing of them, then we should do it with all our hearts. If not, find whatever it is, then pursue, ‘cos we’ll all be gone soon enough


    • Sure! My friend is addicted to video games, like he’ll play for 30 hours straight. He only told me he enjoys maybe an hour or two and then feels compelled to just keep playing even though he doesn’t enjoy it. So one day I suggested he break up the time with stuff he’s always struggling to finish. 20 minutes video games, 20 minutes studying, 20 minutes admin stuff. He said he never enjoyed video games so much as when he did that. The latter fulfills (and allows him to stay functional), the former is just compulsory indulgent behavior

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