Authors romp through fields of wonder and absurdity, keeping their perception peeled so they may snare ripened concepts, ones that are ready to be conveyed to the “real world.”


3 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Like standing in the check out line at Wal-Mart, or eavesdropping on people who keep their cell phones glued to their ear at Home Depot? That sort of how the eff do they get out of bed wonder? Characters are everywhere. The short crabby girl who inspected my car becomes a nurse at the asylum. The skinny kid with orange q-tip hair is dealing mind bending dope that opens other dimensions, from the Taco Cabana Drive Thru. The fat bald guy with the long gray ponytail is an idiot bouncer at a club that opens up inside a portajohn…And then I buy my two bags of broccoli and anti stat dust spray for the Swiffers. Reality is the weirdest place there is.

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    • YES! Add a few what-ifs and suddenly everything becomes a perfect fit for a story! Rather than always attacking writer’s block thru some kind of perfectionist ideal, I feel it’s ok to be messy when drafting and throw in the clues everyday life gives us. We can always sand out the rough stuff in the edit.

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