Much like the Spartans balked at the use of arrows and the Samurai balked at the use of the gun, humans in general seem to balk at anything that questions their established rituals/beliefs.  In order to create art, however, I believe the artist must demonstrate detachment from external systems/structures.

 It is PERCEPTION that must be structured—not rituals or tools, necessarily—one’s perception must be trained to see the core spirit/meme/message in ALL traditions…and be able to reiterate it into something fresh and new.


14 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Can we ever shuck off the culture and era we grew up in? It is too deeply embedded. We are all victims of our age and place.
    Having said that I alone take on the Zen of perfect being and am above all that, as Kerouac might have said back in the 50s.

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  2. This is part of the reason genre fiction can and should be so effective. It allows us to turn cultural norms into metaphors and metaphors into cultural norms – to see apparently static social constructions as the nebulous, ephemeral illusions they are. The vantage point of intellectual playgrounds like science fiction and fantasy offer more than just the chance to play elaborate tabletop games or play with aliens. Although those things are still fun.

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      • Thank you neil! I’m trying, and I’m encouraged by what seems to me the reality of everything we make having first been imagined and THEN made. So my imagination may one day be the impetus for future actualiztion. memetic engineering may one day be a college course LOL!


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