Man Child T-Shirt Update

So this is the refined version of what my illustrator Pope Love came up with.  After an in-depth discussion, we decided not to go with it and I’ll tell you why:  It’s what I term “memetically unsound.”  (I know that I made that up and I’ll explain).

My theory is that my products (and he shares this view) should use the different elements contained within them to carry the themes through.  When this is done right, it increases the quality of the meme (a concept that spreads among humans, is how I’m using the word).  The themes of Man Child are goofy, sweet endearingness—the high fashion aesthetic doesn’t carry those concepts forward at all; they only provide a momentarily interesting dichotomy between low-brow humor and the surrounding visual.  So yeah, maybe we’ll use this in the future, but what we really want to do is capture the spirit of Man Child in an appealing a style as possible.  Basically, we feel like we could do better.

Currently, we’re working on another image, which I will post as soon as there’s a rough.  Thank you all for your time and interest!  The Adventure continues!  😀


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