(This one may be a bit harsh)  I’m a little suspicious of people who never seem to take substantive action; I may enjoy their company…but I’m extra leery of working with them.  

Because from what I’ve seen, there’s a decent chance that their genius is tied up in creating/feeding self-defeating rationales that forgive them for always running in place and never actually going anywhere.


6 thoughts on “Musings

  1. There are justifications for everything, even from wannabe “artists.” Rent to pay! Bills to pay! Mouths to feed!
    I am suspicious of people who do things reasonably well, as a hobby. You know, the bills to pay people who won’t “sully their art for money.” If one really loved photography, or music, or dance they’d forget picking their other identity up at the cleaners and the gym and the trendy organic health food store and just do it. Balanchine said, “I don’t want dancers who want to dance. I want dancers who have to dance.” The same is true for all artistic endeavor. Do it halfway, ho matter how well, and one is still a half ass. The good news is “If you can do a half assed job of anything, you are a one eyed man in a kingdom of the blind.” Vonnegut. Run with the hungry dogs, or stay on the porch. There is no “justification.” Is just is. Anything else isn’t.

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    • Right. I’m all about common sense—we need to find ways to make sure we have food and shelter and whatnot—but art really should be done on a regular basis because you love it. There’s very little chance of success as an artist, but if you’re creative, the first step is to use that creativity to carve out time and capability to work on and finish projects


  2. I think I understand what you mean. I have met more people who say they are going to write, are willing to write, are wanting to write, than those who have actually written something. (I just realized I sound like Alfred Doolittle.)

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    • Yep. There’s so little “barrier to entry” when it comes to writing….that’s why it has to be EXTRA good, because everyone can do it. But not everyone can do it to the level where it captivates and uplifts

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