Looking for opinions on this potential T-Shirt art…

I need some opinions!  Ok so my illustrator Pope Love touched up the rough of our first potential Man Child Mondays T-Shirt.  His underlying theme was classy fashion meets lowbrow humor.  There were two things I asked him to fix:  1.  Either elongate that middle line between “Man” and “Child” or take it out altogether because it looks like an “I,” and 2.  Make the speed lines flowing off Man Child’s head more recognizable (I couldn’t tell whether they might be a cape or a stream of energy when I first saw this).

Now looking at other T-shirt prices, it seems $25 is the norm.  HOWEVER, Pope Love and I would like to not only make our love and humor as accessible as possible (wut up Siddhartha Gautama; he who deigned to speak in the “low tongue” to spread his message), we’d also like to try and demonstrate detachment from the “Gollum mentality” and try to push prices down (not judging others for their pricing methods; it’s just that we don’t need to stake our livelihoods on this thing).  We’re pretty sure we can do it for under $20, but we’re really aiming for under $15 or possibly even under $10 while preventing the shirt from being one a’ those piece o’ shite shirts that fade after a handful of washes, stretch unrecognizably long, or have the black colored section start crackling and/or running.  Oh—he’s also gonna try to insert some hashtags in there (#ManChildMondays #AlwaysProcrasturbating #LifeLongReprobate) as long as they remain classy-looking and don’t draw the eye from the centerpiece.

I am eager to hear your opinions!  Not asking for a committed pre-sale, but I’d like honest input on whether any of you wonderful folks might buy a shirt with this illustration on a day when you weren’t out of sorts!  Please let us know! 🙂 🙂 🙂


17 thoughts on “Looking for opinions on this potential T-Shirt art…

  1. I really like the concept and the picture, but, like you said, it does need cleaned up a bit. As a black and white, it might be better with a lot less lines because it’s hard to see where the line details belong. In color, it would probably be a lot easier to distinguish which details go where.

    Congrats! Designing a t-shirt is a symbol of all your hard work paying off. Big Kudos!

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  2. I’m personally a fan of the speed lines, I think they give it kind of a “luchador” look that can be interpreted either way (although I saw it as a cape). In terms of the line, I think it should be taken out altogether or maybe have either word closer to it, like MAN|CHILD? That way it’s clear it’s a line. Although I don’t know shit about design o_o

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  3. Awesome design! I’m a fan of the speed lines also, and agree that the line between ‘Man’ and ‘Child’ should be elongated. I personally wouldn’t remove it altogether, just make it a bit longer. Great stuff! 🙂

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