I, like everyone else, don’t like to lose due to a risk I’ve taken…

But I hate not trying even more.  Because that guarantees that I’ll never win, and that I lose by default.


14 thoughts on “Musings

  1. That’s like the quote from JK Rowling: “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all — in which case, you fail by default.” 🙂

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      • oh no, was not meant to be a trollish haha. My immediate reaction (which probably says a lot more about me than you or the musing) was:
        “I, like everyone else, don’t like to lose due to a risk I’ve taken…”

        There is something very wrong with this…I don’t know what it is, BUT…the explanation for why “I don’t like to lose” is here looks to me like a little *guess* OR…….throwing up the “common knowledge” of “like everyone else” is half-ass bullshit. Of course you know you are “not like everyone else.”

        Lose……WHAT? What are you possibly losing?
        Honestly, I was 1.5 beers deep, so a little tipsy, and I adore/heartsquared bluntness even if it looks crude, but I do mean no offensive attack. This musing just at the time looked more like a cliché to me, weak philosophy, whereas your others I read were *BLAM WOW*

        But maybe your musings aren’t meant to be philosophical ponderings? More for “outpourings of thoughts that are curious to you?”

        I do really mean no harm by this. Goatscoutshonor. And it did get me thinking a little of “are there risks I’m not taking, and if so, why not?”

        Do you want to see things how you see them, or see them differently?

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      • Well I’m definitely guilty of weak philosophy, haha! So this is just based on my personal anecdotes and introspections (which is pretty much what all our stances are from what I see). I’ve had some experiences where opportunity is lost because of too much deliberation, and the idea that there is a “perfect” strategy or amount of info that will facilitate success. Now of course you have to be more conservative and deliberate if you can and if there’s a large amount of risk, but in civilian life and creative pursuits, I find that (from my perspective) people seem to be attached to their identities (I’m this that or the other) to the point where they will eschew any risk (put things out there, create even though they don’t have a “perfect” vision of what they want) at the cost of productivity. I try to be contextual and specific with these musings, but a lotta the time I gotta sacrifice some of that for flow, and on the practical side, I leave ambiguity in there because the reader may find some bit of knowledge in the words that applies to them which I didn’t think of. So the specific answers to your question are: People seem to lose golden opportunities because they are unwilling to go outside their comfort zones. The first loss I refer to is just a loss of desired results when it comes to any given challenge I decide to take on and fail to accomplish (for whatever reason), while the second loss is the vanishing of opportunity that happens to those with no audacity. The risk is the challenge that I didn’t have to take. I know this response isn’t concise—I’m in the midst of trying to get some other things done—but I hope it illustrated my thought process a bit clearer. And hey, I appreciate that you comment at all, goat! And a bit off-topic, but I wish you the best in all endeavors!! 🙂

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