Quick Update on Echo in Paperback

I met with the staff of Palamedes publishing today to discuss Echo.  Basically what we agreed to is this:  They would offer me access to their contacts, editor, and publishing know-how in exchange for my continued social media support of them.  I wouldn’t be under contract to them, and I’d retain full control of book pricing and royalties.  The reason I and Palamedes opted for more of a quid pro quo relationship is they are busy right now (next two months) with traditional publishing duties as well as eReader tech development, and I have a strong stance on pricing:  I like to keep it low and do frequent giveaways.  (They also felt that I had already done the bulk of the publishing work with Echo, and felt that it would be redundant of them to shepherd me through processes I’d already navigated. I thought that the alternative they proposed was pretty magnanimous of them.)  Why?  Well I don’t have to depend on book royalties for income, so I feel like it would be stingy of me (just me, mind you, as I have a steady income outside of books—I’m not judging anyone for their pricing strategy) to NOT keep my prices low.  Plus, in the practical sense, it’ll allow me quicker distribution of my product for more brand recognition, although that’s really a far-flung future concern which isn’t a big factor right now.  Also, as of now, I plan to publish Echo Volumes 1&2 together in a single paperback.  IMHO it’s fine publishing Echo 1 in a stand-alone format if I’m charging $0.99 for it, but when someone’s shelling out roughly $10 for a paperback, I’d like for them to read my story and not only get some sort of resolution at the end (as opposed to the cliffhanger Volume 1 ends with), but a respectable amount of content as well.

That’s it for now!  Gonna take the rest of the night to watch a bit of tv and see if I can take any premises/ideas out of it for my stories.  If you’re a writer, I wish you inspired drafting and insightful editing!!!


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