Human nature seems to dictate that we try to express our core philosophies in the most convincing way possible.  But to write effectively, one must go beyond that—one must be able to effectively express multiple viewpoints on the same subject through different sets of eyes.  A writer must see that opposing philosophies are not staunch lines drawn in the sand, but the result of life experiences that are unique to each and every one of his/her characters.  And then?  

Then you gotta make it entertaining.


8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. You can always end them away humiliated, After being bitched down and embarrassed. By a woman who’s smarter than they are. Or she can cut their n*ts off and throw them over a cliff. Or even better! Show them the error of their ways and make a lasting live and let live peace. No? Right. N*ts first, over the cliff.

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