Palamades Publishing: Get your fix of poetry, ghosts, and soon…giant robots. That’s right: Giant robots motha duckas!

My velociraptor pack-mate is absentmindedly cleaning some gunk out of his teeth with a talon.  “What do you wanna do today, Kent?  Wanna buddy around with some Deinonychuses?  Maybe we could finally take down that old bronto that hangs out near the lagoon.”  I blink one lazy eye open and raise my head off the rock I’ve been sunbathing on.  “I dunno, Ripclaw, I was thinking about trying to snatch some ptero eggs but we still need to feed the little guys in the pack and—” and then we hear it:  A couple a’ dickhead T-rexes thundering through the ferns.  A second later they crash their way into our hidey-hole sunspot.  Both Ripclaw and I leap to our feet and watch as these two lunkheads eye us with their beady, stupid little eyes.  The one to the left chuckles menacingly.  “Hey jerkfaces.  Just wanted to let you know that this whole thing you got going?  Lazing around and eating whenever the hell you feel like it?  That’s gonna end.  We got a new job for you—we’re gonna call it ‘accountant.’  You’re gonna tally up our kills and organize them for us, and in return we’ll give you a piece of leg-meat every day.  This is non-negotiable, dorkwads.”  Ripclaw jumps up and gives the rexes his middle talon.  “Like hell we will!  There’s no way that you’re gonna—”  the rest of his sentence is cut off as rex #1 leans forward and chomps down on my buddy, causing his claws to straighten spastically before he gets tossed up in the air and slides down a t-rex gullet.  Rex #2 takes note of my horrified stare as he says to me, “What about you?  Feeling like a badass, veloci-tard?”  Out of sheer desperation, I throw back my snout and scream, “PALAMEDES PUBLISHING!”  A streak of white-cored, brilliant blue energy rockets down from the heavens and blasts the earth between me and the rexes.  When the light fades, I see that there’s a mammal there—one that walks upright.  It also seems to be covered in strange, glowing chitin.  The rexes look curiously at it.  Somehow, I can understand the words that come out of this thing’s mouth as it says, “My name’s Atriya.  Cyborg-soldier and super-pissed-off-angry-guy extraordinaire.  I fight for the honor and preservation of all velociraptors.”  The rexes exchange a curious glance and look down at the mammal.  Rex #1 shrugs and says, “Man, I don’t know what the hell you just said, but I hope you’re tasty.”  He leans forward and then Atriya raises his hands, holding two weird-looking metal tools.  Blue-green light erupts from his hands and arrows into Rex #1’s face, exploding the top of his skull off and leaving nothing but a dripping jaw, neck tissue and spinal cord—all exposed and gross and red.  Atriya turns to Rex #2 and rasps, “How ’bout you dickface?  Want your daily serving of quantum fury?  Start running.”  Rex #2 turns on his heels and hightails it out of there, but Atriya presses the trigger again and blows the rex’s left haunch clean off.  Rex #2 screams, “AH GOD!  MY PRIME MOVERS!”  (I have a sudden flash of psychic intuition, and I realize that Rex #2 will one day incarnate as a member of the cult known as Crossfit).  Atriya strides over to me and says, “Mind if I hitch a ride?”  I nod and motion for him to hop on.  He straddles my back, holds up his guns like he’s the Two-gun Kid, and says, “Let’s go jack up some rexes.”  And that’s the story of how the first velociraptor-cyborg team-up occurred.  Many rexes were pwned that day, and my fellow velociraptors were saved from the entering the hell known as “accounting.”

If you feel inclined to donate to the noble cause of pairing cyborg super-soldiers with T-rex oppressed velociraptors, please get a copy of Echo on Kindle (or read it on Kindle Unlimited) and leave a positive review.  Palamedes publishing.  Check out their revolutionary Responsive Books software here:  Responsive Books.  Check out their poetry here:  Manhattan  They will soon offer Echo Volume 1 in paperback.  For now, get Echo Vol. 1 on Kindle here:  Vol. 1 on Kindle.  Vol. 2 on Kindle here:  Vol.2 on Kindle  Vol. 3 on Kindle here:  Vol. 3 on Kindle


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