I believe the point of emphasizing “external structure” (and by that I mean the outer things; environment, clothing, schedule, systems) is to work your way inward…to impose that outer discipline on your inner thoughts and habits.  Once you are inwardly disciplined, that’s when you can riff on the outer stuff.  The inwardly structured trust themselves to apply themselves when they need to, because they no longer need to harp on outer symbols that REPRESENT structure.  The peril of focusing on outer structure is confining one’s focus to outer symbols.  If one were to not impose structure on the inner worlds/mindset, then one is stuck advocating what is outwardly satisfying but practically useless…and they will remain stuck perpetuating symbols rather than taking actions.


6 thoughts on “Musings

    • Thank You! A few weeks ago I gave it a ‘light edit’ before passing it onto my paperback publisher’s editor. There were TONS of flow mistakes in there, so I hope that those didn’t get in the way! Back then I’d yet to hear of the evil of adverbs, as well as a boatload of other things which I’m very conscious of as I draft nowadays. (Hopefully you got the ‘lightly edited’ version where it’s a bit cleaner. It should have 3 chapters of Echo 2 in there. If you got the OG version then I apologize for my amateurish flow). Anyways, thanks! 🙂

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