Demonstrating that you can safely navigate the most powerful addictions/aversions means demonstrating DISCIPLINE.

In simpler words:  Big boy rules are earned by big boy conduct.


19 thoughts on “Musings

    • Most days man. Part of the reason I write is it offers a potential escape from society’s rat-trap of the Regular Job. I’m fine churning away at an office…as long as I’m trying to pull an Andy Dufresne, haha!


  1. This gives me a lot to think about, as I constantly think I lack discipline. At the same time, I’ve always recognized there is a mechanism in me that prevents full blown addiction (with the exception of nicotine)

    To me, discipline and strength are two sides of the same coin, and I’ve always thought myself weak. At the same time, I know I have gotten myself through a lot, but there’s this “coulda done better kid”

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    • We all have that, and indeed, discipline can be a prison if it prevents you from trying to take those big, audacious leaps. Part of it is channeling your gifts—Will Ferrell was kind of an idiot screwup before he was told to try comedy. And as far as the coulda done better…I like to spend five minutes after each victory/defeat either patting myself on the back or flagellating myself…then it’s on to the next thing, or try and reflect on a better way to do things without the emotions. Most constructive way to get after it, IMHO


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