Life is not kind to those who cling to unnecessary ritual/doctrine…I believe that the oversimplification/rigidization of knowledge may in fact be an act that is antithetical to existence itself.  Because I can’t help but feel we are inundated with clues telling us to strive for what’s EFFECTIVE, and not what’s comfortable.  

(As I understand it, a significant tactic employed by Buddha was to eschew “the proper way,” and reach his audience by using the most effective method possible.)


8 thoughts on “Musings

  1. No. People want comfort. Not what is most efficient or effective. Easy path with no resistance. Status quo, the way it was, lemon drops and gum drops. Barney (who my kids, for some reason loved for several years!!!).

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      • I do agree it can whack us upside the head, and I sort of see where life wants us to get out of those comfort zones. When you look at birth, it is a traumatic move from one place of safety to a place of NOT safe. Nothing growing is safe. Change is scary and usually uprooting in some way. People prefer safe.

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