IMHO, the pain of pushing forward and falling short is infinitely better than the shame of being dragged along and feeling safe.


11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Piffle. Being dragged is not safe. Following in the wake is safe, but not shameful. I like to be a follower (Geese do this when they fly!), I know I can lead at times. If I want to. And as a follower, I can avoid where the leader might end up in the muck. On the other side, there is a frustration in pushing for a goal and not quite reaching it. Especially if someone else accomplishes it and is honored for the work.

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    • Good point! I guess most of these musings are for me; I’ve personally held myself back by being too much of a follower, so now I try to be real careful about the urge to cool my jets and make sure there’s a good reason behind it. My natural tendency is to procrastinate, so I’m always trying to make sure I’m waiting for a good reason rather than actually procrastinating

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