Echo Update

The state of Echo 1 is a little schizo right now.  Right now I’m working with Palamedes Publishing to create a manuscript worthy of paperback.  I took the manuscript I ePublished in 2015, gave it a light edit, and sent it over to Palamedes.  So what’s gonna happen is the sample, the ebook, and the upcoming paperback will soon be updated so that they meet a pro editor’s standard.  No events will be changed in my story; it’ll all just be flow stuff  (fear for your life, ye unnecessary adverbs!).  But as it stands there are 3 states of Echo 1 in quantum existence:  The OG 2015 manuscript, which can only now be seen in the free samples on my site, the lightly edited version, which is currently the available ebook, and the fully edited version, which is currently being worked on.  Soon enough (hopefully) there will only be the fully edited version.  I apologize for the inconveniences this poses to any of you guys, but growing pains, right?  I’ll let everyone know when the fully edited version is on Amazon, and at that time I will change my samples accordingly.  I’ll also announce news on the paperback.  It’s strange, but during the “light edit” I actually ADDED to my word count.  1k or so I believe.  No new scenes, just smoothing over stuff.  Weird, cos editing usually entails taking out stuff.

In other news, I’m thinking of pushing my daily word count up to 3.5k from the current 3k I’m doing now.  Words are flowing faster, and my wrists don’t seem to be bugging me anymore.  I’ll reassess by the end of this week.


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