Echo 3’s 4th review is 5 stars!!!

Whoa hey SK’BOOSH!!!!  The Amaze-o Barbara Svetlick has given Echo Volume 3 it’s fourth rating on Amazon…and it is FIVE FREAKIN’ STARS!!!  Thank You Barbara!  I like to say that each 5 star rating is like a $1000 tip, so I owe Barbara 3 grand, haha!  Thank you thrice over Barbara, it is my privilege and honor to be able to entertain you!  Thank You So Much!!!  WHOOOOO!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here’s her review:  “The first two books in the Echo series was fast, furious and spellbinding leaving you breathing heavily. Book Three, The Dialectic of Agony, slowly settles you into the story providing more backstory of the world in which Atriya lives. I won’t give away much but I found the slower unfolding of this world, of the relationships between the characters, and the changes in him to be essential to understanding his transformation. My emotions were on a different ride as the book unfolded giving an insight into Atriya’s struggles. The ending literally blew me away as once again I was left waiting for the next saga. The ability to capture a reader then hold them is well done.”


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