IMHO, a writer (or any artist for that matter) must be gifted or willing.  “To do what?” you may ask.  

To breathe the air of their worlds, to dine with their characters, to live with their heroes, to sympathize with their villains…in short, to BECOME their stories.  The audience, I believe, can tell the difference between patchwork reconstruction and a living, breathing world that exists somewhere out there in the infinity of possibility.


14 thoughts on “Musings

  1. And it helps to have others support you in your worlds. My son was writing a poem with the Beowulf theme and I mentioned something didn’t seem right. It was a heart removal stanza. I stood in front of him and he read the bit and moved his arms…and discovered, I was right! His person could not have done it the way it was written.

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  2. I am a new author and see that you have posted chapters of Echo. How much do you post…everything? Or do you leave some out so that there is some intrigue for when the actual book is published? Just wondering?

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