Man-child Mondays are coming soon

I’ve received a fair amount of interest in what I look like, but those of you who know me know that one of my key concerns is making sure I’m not recognized in public.  I’ve decided to post a series of snapshots from the life of Kent Wayne starting next week as part of “Man-child Mondays.”  I’ll be wearing a balaclava (SWAT-style head cover) and shades to preserve my secret identity, and I’ll be photographed in a variety of hopefully humorous photos.  So sorry—unless I get invited to the Daily Show I’m not gonna show my face (and even then I’m gonna wear a fake beard or something) but I hope you guys’ll get a kick out of Man-child Mondays.


15 thoughts on “Man-child Mondays are coming soon

  1. awesome. lol. (Saw one of your soccer moms in the minivan the other day… was afraid she’d figured out who “I” was… lol. She tried to hit me with her van 3 times… thought of your stories… hehe.)

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  2. You can be famous and still people won’t recognize you. Eons back one of the late shows did a facial recognition for President Obama. Many of the persons interviewed chose Morgan Freeman.

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      • I keep thinking about this and while I watch the things mom watches, sports and news, I wonder…which one might be Kent Wayne. Am pretty sure your brother is Bruce.

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