Echo: A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

The High Priestess of Accounting—sporting a garland of shrunken writers’ heads around her neck—offers me a skull-bowl filled with the life blood of a hapless artist.  “Drink,” she whispers.  Her ash-smudged eyes widen within their sockets, combining with the rest of her chalky, white-painted face to transform her into something not quite human.  “Drink,” she says again, pushing the skullful of blood toward my lips.  “Take in this blood of artists and writers, the enemies of Perpetuation, and let us glory in another thousand years of ACCOUNTING!”  As her voice rises to a shriek, a collective cheer erupts behind her.  Scores of Accounting and Business nerds punch the air with their fists, completely lost to their savage joy.  A hundred feet below the stone walkways we’re on, lava belches up from cracks in the earth.  I look from side to side, then lock eyes with the priestess.  “Never,” I say quietly.  And then I modify a line from Skywalker:  “I am a writer.  Like Stephen King before me.”  The Priestess’s eyes narrow.  “Then so be it…WRITER.”  She throws the bowl at me.  As I ninja-roll sideways, I open my eReader to Echo.  Magic flash.  Indiana Jones appears out of nowhere and Spartan kicks the priestess off the walkway.  She falls, screaming the entire way down.  He hands me a bullwhip and we start mowing through accounting nerds via prudent use of whipcracks.  They may lack muscle tone and a set of working genitals…but their numbers are many, and we are but two.  I can’t help smiling as we fight our way to a gargoyle-lined exit and flee up a set of steps.  “Goddamn nerds,” Indie grumbles.  “Always knew they’d turn psycho.”

Left to their own devices, those evil business school hatchlings will drink the blood of creatives and inflict unending night upon the world.  Get Echo Vol. 1 on Kindle here: Vol. 1 on Kindle. Vol. 2 on Kindle here: Vol.2 on Kindle Vol. 3 on Kindle here: Vol. 3 on Kindle


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