Entropy hunts us; day by day, second by second, injecting all our efforts/failures with inevitable transience.  And if we desire to be happy while accomplishing our goals, then we in turn must become hunters; we must use the weapons of time and resource to leave a shining trail of treasures in our wake…

Laughing in joy as they turn to dust.


8 thoughts on “Musings

    • I’m operating from the premise that everything fades away in the end (or changes to the point where it becomes unrecognizable) and that we are happy applying ourselves. Without going down the rabbit hole of studies that support the second point, of course. Now those are premises, so who’s to say whether their burden of evidence is satisfactory or not? But through anecdotes, I’m inclined to go with those premises, so personally, I’ll apply myself again and again, and understand that I need to be fine that my past works will fade into insignificance


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