Here’s the irony:  To enjoy the indulgences of life, it is necessary to exercise discipline.  Life’s rarefied pleasures are only available to those who can dive fully into them, and also abstain from them at a moment’s notice.


18 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Now, what if the indulgence is reading your book? I love it so far! ❤️

    I completely agree with you. It’s definitely my weakness and shortcoming. I seem to go from one extreme to the other. It makes life stupid, to be honest.

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      • I gotta say KW, I’m digging the shit out of it. Atriya kinda turns me on, in a weird “what is it with me and violence”… The fight scene I just read, my musing was “Dammit, that is sexy” I’ll ensure it goes into my review when I finish, but just know, you are making me ask odd questions about myself. Especially when I know, I picture you as the lead singer of Gwar narrating this. And, I picture Atriya as a very, very muscular Brandon Lee, sans crow make up with darker skin. I’m going to stop now….

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      • HAHAHA! I’m not laughing at you, but at the fact that Atriya was never meant to be a sex symbol. He’s meant to open a deeper inquiry into life through his violent proclivities. Maybe I should switch to erotica or romance though…hahaha! Thanks for the kind words! If you like the violence, there’s a LOT in 2 and a fair amount in 3…sorry for the brief nature of 1; I was trying to see if anyone would enjoy ANY of my material enough to buy it/like it. I’m glad as hell that it’s entertaining you! 🙂

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      • Okay – just finished approaching shatter. For one – the Very reasons you say atriya isn’t sexy is what makes the character sexy. It’s like a Rambo-Bruce Lee-Socrates vibe. I dig it. I love how your world is so different, but in truth, not.

        No worries, I can handle some fanfic if you want.

        I really liked your afterword too. You described yourself so eloquently. We’re definitely kindred souls, sir. With an affinity for the word motherfucker. 🤣

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      • Hahaha! Thank You So Much! I am super grateful that you found it entertaining! If you choose to read on, it gets a bit weird in Volume 3 with the magic and whatnot…hope that doesn’t detract from Atriya’s brutish appeal. I do indeed like the word ‘motherfucker.’ Swearing can amount to poetry in the mouth of the right person, haha!

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      • I have already started Pt II, and I want to get as much read today. I doubt anything will get weird, trust me, my life is the weirdest art I’m aware of.

        Fuck is the paint that colors the world. If you cannot insert the word fuck, or any of its variants, it’s frankly not worth being said. 🙂

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      • I am in total agreement. The strangely beautiful thing about fuck and its variants is that they quickly become overused…but new ones pop up as old ones fall away. I still fondly reminisce about going to see Way of The Gun and hearing Ryan Phillipe threaten to “fuckstart” a head. Rest of the movie was decent, but that one moment…man.


    • Just a theory, but I believe we aren’t meant to wallow in one thing. I think we’re meant to experience a lot of different aspects of life in the short time we have here. Providing contrast to pleasure—even though it’s a cliche—allows one to appreciate it all the more.


  2. Often the indulgence isn’t as damaging as the repression. Sensory indulgence doesn’t equate directly to depravity and the mores of a cultural are often designed to interfere with the conscious and sub conscious results of “indulgence”. Perhaps there is a snake in the field of flowers. And perhaps there is only ecstasy.

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    • I believe from the Grander Perspective (I use that phrase to avoid all kinds of troublesome connotations) there is only ecstasy and life is something along the lines of Alan Watts’s premise that we are secretly all-powerful beings that chose to relinquish our power to enjoy rediscovering it, if that makes any sense.


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