Most people are capable of playing by the rules.  But restricting yourself to playing by “the rules” means restricting yourself to tradition and doctrine.  IMHO, mastery entails not just the ability to play by the rules, but also the ability to operate effectively without them.

Or the ability to rewrite them entirely.


15 thoughts on “Musings

  1. “Complicated rules to adjust behavior are a weak substitute for simple principles.” Mary Wollstonecraft. I don’t mind following the rules as long as I understand their underlying principles and the principles are meaningful and valid. Otherwise I make my half of the bed and go.

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  2. When the book ‘Holes’ came out, it startled readers. It was absolutely NOT by the rules. It was surmised if any ‘new’ author had tried writing in that sort of format, the book may have tanked. But, now? Years later, the way the book was written is normal! Go, figure!

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