We’ve all been scarred from taking leaps of faith that didn’t work.  Ironically, I believe that the best way to heal those scars is to learn from them, laugh at them…and take another leap of faith.  Because if we’re fated to die, there is ultimately nothing to lose.

And everything to be gained.


17 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I would argue there is loss, but there is certainly nothing gained by quitting. You can only make decisions/choices with the information, resources, etc. at hand. Unfortunately, sometimes those decisions/choices are “wrong”. But just like DSFB says, the only way to get past the “wrong” decision/choice is to learn from it, make another one and move on. Unless you are stupid or it kills you, even “wrong” isn’t completely wrong, is it?

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    • In the short term yes, there is loss…but living with impending death and futility need not be a negative thing, because those two factors (in the eye of millions/billions/trillions of years) makes it so that whatever you do right now doesn’t matter and gives you the excuse to pursue what you are truly passionate about

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      • I don’t consider impending death a negative thing at all. And futility is not necessarily a negative thing, either. It can show you your limits.
        I was just trying to point out being wrong about a leap/attempt isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so long as you can learn something from it and it doesn’t kill you (we can save the discussion of the finality – or lack thereof – of death later). If you CAN’T learn from a failed/wrong leap or it does kill you, then being wrong about such a thing kind of loses its relevance.

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  2. I was going to be an actress, once. I like writing better. The salary of a writer is not directly tied to their face and waistline. You should hear me defend my BA in Theatre in interviews. I regret nothing!

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  3. Almost hilariously ironic that the finality of death can actually serve as a source of motivation. We realize that one day all our clocks will stop ticking, so we’d better make every second count. Well said!

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