You and I—like most people—have amazing ideas.  But unlike most people, I hope that you and I will exhibit the drive to follow through on them.


11 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Here’s a scary thought. Some people don’t have great ideas. Worse, some have great ideas that no one else finds great. I knew a guy, all he ever did was complain about how bad a job every company he dealt with did with everything from packaging to promo. The man craved consistency that would make his life easier. Unified box sizes. Unified take-away promo sizes. Color coding. I bought him lunch one day, he said, “You know my dream job? Somebody would hire me to bitch about all the sh*t they do wrong. All day. Every day. I could do that. Wouldn’t it be great if I could fix everything?” He picked one of those all you can eat joints with rubbery chicken fried steak and artificial diary like substance ice cream cones for lunch. I’m not sure everything he thought would be great would really be all that much of an improvement. Persistence, though. I’ll buy that.

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    • Man, if that guy’s good and eloquent enough, he could get that job as a professional critic! Hey, we need those too, right? As messed up as it is to guys like you and I, he COULD get that dream job if he applied himself!


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