How do you come to trust yourself?  By attempting what seems right, again and again, and upon failing, gleaning wisdom from that failure with brutally honest investigation.  There is little room for big talk or empty promises.  Strategy and application are always required. 


21 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I hear you. I’m struggling with – where do I even start? I’m tired of back and forth, so I tend to charge blindly ahead til I trip and fall then say damn what happened there. I tend, though, to be mired in overthinking and analysis which is even worse, I think. This is why I try to stop thinking. 🤣

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      • I could not agree more. My obsession with words has given me quite a catalogue.

        I have to agree. The way you write – I’m
        Jealous. Hahahahhaha I would love to slip in your mind for a day.

        I like that idea though. Thank you – I think you just gave me the piece I’ve been trying to get my brain around. If I direct all my overthinking into creating, I’d be likely to find myself less overthinking about my bullshit. I don’t know how to describe it other than, I’m so bored with myself I could scream.

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      • Thank You on the compliment! I really just stumbled on writing…I think—at the risk of sounding pretentious—it’s what I was designed for. In all honesty though, I would prefer to make my fortune doing something outside and physical, haha!

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      • That doesn’t sound pretentious in the slightest, I get that. All I have ever wanted to do was write. Foolishly, I did not do it, save journaling my woes and random rants on FB at peoples’ attitudes towards mental health and politics. It’s funny you say the latter point – I think that’s part of the reason I have not been really writing is that I just want to go outside and play in the woods. I was the kid that stayed inside and listened to music all day (emo/goth/metalhead) and now I’ve turned into “DUUUUDE LETS HIKE ALL THE TRAILS” (still listening to metal) I’m at a very odd point in my life, I dig it. If you want, you can come do stuff on my patio. I’ll watch you and pay you in some fine Italian cooking, or whatever. hahahaha

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  2. When dealing with yourself honesty is the only way to go. Don’t lie to yourself cause to me it doing that would be like driving with a very dirty windshield thinking I have great eyesight so, nothing could go wrong. Did I mention you have bald tires neglected to stretch a dollar, I surely will save plenty months past their warranty time.

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    • Possibly. With either approach, I think the key is to keep the ego minimized. Anyone can rationalize the wrong action thru logic, and anyone can justify that they were only following their feelings when they were in fact doing what simply felt comfortable.


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