Ironically, I have noticed that many of those who act precious about the “outer” have a tendency to neglect the “inner,”—to neglect discipline and wallow in unproductiveness.  

While it is fine (and oftentimes essential) to keep one’s environment tidy, it must never be at the expense of personal capability.


17 thoughts on “Musings

  1. I stole your idea about the 2k/day word count. So thank you! Can you give me some tips on how you’re putting your stories on amazon as you are? I’m unfamiliar with this, and I’ve been allowing the story I’m trying to write languish and be stymied at the cost of “clueless as to what I’m doing” any tips you could give would be hugely appreciated!!!

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    • Well, I’d say pay attention to the formatting…I always run into formatting issues everytime I publish. I think they want a 12 pt type, double space (I prefer 1.5 space) on a microsoft word .doc file. I forgot what font they want, but make sure when you publish, you go through your manuscript with the previewer to make sure it looks the way you want it to.


  2. I like this philosophy, because I refuse to wear make-up daily. I spend all of the hours I would have spent on painting my face either sleeping, reading, or writing. All the money I would have spent on make-up goes to books. There’s nothing wrong with make-up necessarily, that is just how I feel about it.

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