IMHO, you shouldn’t [meditate/ritual of choice] for the sake of “spirituality,” or some other such divisive concept that embraces a fallacious categorization of things into ridiculous boxes labeled “spiritual” and “non-spiritual.”  

You should [meditate] until you could take it or leave it; you should [meditate] until you make EVERYTHING a meditation; you should [meditate] until you see that whether you [meditate] or not, that you are taken care of, and that it is all good.


9 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Not sure if this is what you meant, but two phrases come to mind. And pardon my use of the word prayer, substitute with meditation, mindful, or whatever synonym suits you.

    The fervent prayer of a man avails much.

    Pray at all times, never ceasing.

    Meaning to do as you say. To make that meditation a continual process, filling all aspects of life, not only a designated time. To do so will “avail much.” Good insights..

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