I’ve realized that pouring my soul into my writing does not entitle me to money or recognition.  Pouring my soul into my writing is simply par for the course.  

What may or may not happen after that is just a pleasant side effect.


16 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Actually the side effect, whether you see it now or not, is courage. A million years a friend of minbe’s dad saw me doing a lousy job of something that was on the path to what I ended up doing for years. He said “Good for you. Because you did it, you won’t be my age and wish you had.” So for all the photographers and writers and musicians out there, you do it because you have to. Doing a “job” because you won’t sully your “art” is just one of the millions of justifications for fear. Claude Monet was broke, and stayed living in a hotel because he couldn’t pay the bill. He almost froze to death studying the effect of light on snow. He did not die a rich or famous man. But he kicked ass and was courageous enough to hang with it. His paintings sell for $80 million now. To people who may or may not understand they are not looking at art, but at one man’s courage. Art is primary. Acceptance and reward are your own, and no one else’s, and the price tag is what you do with your life.

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  2. I am currently writting a book, and i have witheld from all acts such as relationships and anything else that goes along with it…why? Because my writting gets stronger and more detailed and more graphic…i dont write for money i dont write for popularity i write for me…and if other people begin to like it or love it then that is an added bonus! Just keep writting what matters in your heart, stop thinking about anything else or anyone else jusy be you, and keep going forward with your creative thoughts. Good luck.

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