While others hit the snooze button, weaponize your mind and body.  The concept of the warrior-monk need not be relegated to some romantic asceticism; it can be done in every second of every day.  

And it starts by waking up while the world’s asleep.


14 thoughts on “Musings

      • I am trying to learn to both act and feel. He says. Lying in bed for the second full day. Why? Because I am just out of hospital. Today I got up and went outside for 2 hours. To breathe. To move. Tomorrow I will go further. The day after further still. Until I can stand on my own again, until I can run again and fight again. For now my brain is trying to soak up what it can in the moments when it is not overwhelmed with pain. But I know I have to feel that pain and live through it. Today I accept it and feel it so that I can heal and move forward, so that I can rebuild my strength to armour up, physically and mentally. To write more, to do more, to live more. I think.

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      • That’s a perspective that approaches the divine; most would avoid pain, or work to avoid it, but pain and discomfort is all around us. It’s not avoiding or diving into it that matters, IMHO, but learning how to use it.

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  1. I hate snooze buttons. If I want to sleep, I don’t set an alarm, or have one set so I can enjoy the thrill of shutting it off and passively-aggressively tell the world to get lost and leave me alone. When I need an alarm, it gets set to a time that allows for personal time in the morning. That means the 3 S’s. Plus getting dressed and head out. Snoozing only robs time from myself, and I won’t be giving myself proper attention for a professional start to the day. I also can’t stand the concept of setting your watch fast, so you won’t be late. I’ve known guys who keep their watcheset 55, 10, or even as far ahead as 30 minutes ahead. Then they are surprised to get there first, and annoyed that everybody else is so late.

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